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What is a 3DResidence Elite?

3DResidence Elite is a custom built sales generation tool for large real estate developments to bring customers through an interactive experience that leads to them picking out the home they want and connecting directly with a sales associate for more information.

See for yourself! Select a floor below and take yourself deeper into the 3DResidence Elite system!

Web Built! Mobile Friendly!


We build our 3DResidence Elites to be functional on a mobile platform.

On wide screens the Elite above shows up large but on a small screen like a phone the content is to small to navigate. We fixed this problem by including the links below. Individual buildings with every floor accessible through a large button.

 Building 1

The Excalibur Collection

Building 2

The Beachfront

Building 3

The Luxuria Collection

Built to Be Developer/Realtor Friendly

We make the ULTIMATE SALES tool. So that means we need it to work for your sales team! We can build a contact form that sends sales leads directly to a realtor or direct to a sales team.

Distribute specific units to target realtors/sellers OR Bring all of the sales leads in to one targeted email address!

From CAD or from Scratch

We want to make the process easy. We can work with you from conception to completion. Whatever step of the process you and your team are on we can jump on board.

We can take current CAD data and work with it directly or if you dont have CAD data yet we can help produce conceptual drawings or renderings of areas that don’t exist yet.

We create top of the line 3D models and renders. Have no fear in getting a product that will look great to your customers!

3D Model/Render of the UofM Hutchins Hall in Ann Arbor, MI

Flexibility. We can do that!

What does a 3Dresidence Elite include?

  • CAD/Custom built 3D Model of the full property.
  • A fully Built/Hosted website built on WordPress that works on mobile and Tablet devices. ( Avoid the web fees. Let us host your domain!)
  • Already have a website? We can append our content to your website through an Iframe!
  • Expert Real Estate photography of existing space or 3D Renders of new rooms to come!
  • Drone Videography/Photography to survey the property or use as a base to creating a video with 3D overlays.
  • Websites Include researched and documented Community features as well as additional Amenities your property may showcase

We cater to ALL Real Estate!

  • Condominium developments.

  • Apartment Complexes.

  • Business Office space.

  • Townhome developments.

  • Cruise Ships/ Marine rental space.

If you have an idea for another method please get in touch!

Milestone Based Projects

Timeline Used for Golf Lake Condominium 3DRESIDENCE ELITE build

When we start a project we want to ensure it fits your needs and bolsters your development the best!

We work using a milestone project system.

We work with you to set a milestone for the 3DRESIDENCE ELITE launch and work toward milestone based goals and payment dates.

YOUR Success is OUR Success

We want you to succeed! Let us help you advertise your 3DRESIDENCE ELITE project and get more people to your doorstep. We work with Facebook ads/Google Adwords and find trending search terms.

We work together to discover the best Ad Campaigns to run and where!

Go for it.. Give us a call!

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