Professional Drone Flights

Let us help make your property shine with aerial shots.

We are registered drone pilots and can help give you video footage of a property or edited aerial photography.

If you need an area surveyed for clearing we can help with that as well.

We use Yuneec Technology

4K Video Footage and 12 Megapixel HDR Photos

Custom Aerial Video Packages

We Can Combine Aerial Videography And 3D Rendering!

 Aerial Drone Photo Packages!

Drone Photography package (1-15 HD Aerial photos with editing)

We can get some great photos of the local landscape from the air. Whether it be city or residential. We can photo edit out elements not needed and color correction where needed.


 Aerial Drone Videography Package

If your looking to piece together a fully edited and pieced together drone video package we can get the job done. We can take multiple video sequences and edit together a fully featured aerial video.

Drone Flight travel costs also must be considered

$30 per second (1-20 seconds)

$20 per second (21-40 seconds)

$15 per second (41-60 seconds)

This includes basic editing of video footage.

Aerial Drone + 3D Rendering service.

If you are needing to scout a location and place a building on a spot where there is no current building. We can use CAD data or custom built 3D Models to feature your property complete where it is meant to be!

If the property cannot be viewed currently consider using our full 3D rendering services.


Give us a call and lets make some magic!


Serving Pinellas County and the Greater Tampa Bay Area

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